Factors That Determine Your Roof Repair Cost

When you need a roof repair, it’s likely you expect it to be a significant investment. But what exactly are you paying for? Before you move ahead, learn what you should know, as we’ve outlined here.


Roof Type

The cost of your roof repair is dependent on the type of roof you have and the materials needed to do the job. A slate roof replacement will be far more costly than shingles, for example, and steeply pitched roofing can increase your labor costs.



Check your local requirements as some areas require permits for a roof repair or new roof installation. That can add to your expenses and the roofing company will add that to the total of your invoice.


The Extent of Your Roof Repair

How much damage you have on your roof will certainly be reflected in the cost of your roof repair. If your roofing contractors are only replacing a few shingles, you can expect to pay much less than you would if half the roof needs work. However, handling a roof repair as soon as you notice any damage will limit the spread of the needed repair, saving you money on extensive roof replacement.


Water Damage

Any water damage on your roof can spread quickly through the roof decking to cause major internal problems. This can increase your roof repair costs over and above what they would be with just surface damage. That’s why the cost of water-damaged roof repair can be costly, so the sooner you take action through a certified roofing company, the more you save without the need for a full roof replacement.


Roof Extras

When you have additional features on your roof, like a chimney or skylight, your roof repair bill could be higher. While your roofing contractor may be able to repair those added components, it’s possible that they will not and instead refer you to another professional that is able to do so. But given you’re your roofing company will have to work around these features, your labor costs can still increase when getting your roof repaired.

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