Anyone who lives in a region that has cold winters has seen frost on the ground on a freezing morning, making the grass sparkle and leaving a layer of ice that needs to be scraped off the car. On a day like that, look up at your roof and see if the frost covers the surface up there too. Do you know if you are supposed to see frost on your roof or not? When is it time for concern to make a call to a roofing company?

Is it Good or Bad to Find Frost During Your Roof Inspection?
Frost on your roof is not in and of itself good or bad. Roofing materials are designed to endure extreme weather, and roofing contractors that are accustomed to cold environments are experts that know which materials will do best under such conditions. So if your roof is in good condition, you shouldn’t worry about water damage or roof repair.

Finding frost on your roof may actually be a good thing. If the surrounding homes in your neighborhood have roof frost when your home does not, it may indicate that your attic insulation is lacking. Or if the frost on your roof is spotty, it could mean that the attic insulation is not placed properly. Without the proper attic insulation, your roof is letting all the heat from your home escape, melting the frost.

Is No Frost on My Roof a Cause for Concern?
A lack of frost on your roof may be a problem that needs attention. But only start to worry if your neighboring homes have the same level of sun exposure as yours. So watch for houses around yours that are blocked by large trees or a tall building to create shade, where your home sits in direct sunlight. As the sun shines on your home, the frost can melt away, but that may not be the case for homes in the shade. So there is no need for concern in this case.

Contacting a Roofing Company
If your house is shielded by some shade and other homes have frost, where yours does not, contact a roofing company for a roof inspection. You can find out if there is an issue with your roofing or attic insulation.

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