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Lion Roofing Corp is a licensed roofing company servicing Arlington Heights and the Chicago area. Different from other roofing companies in Arlington Heights, we are a family-operated business since 1999 that have roofing contractors specializing in residential roofing inspection, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. Our dedicated team of roofing contractors guarantee the exceptional quality service we provide, and our workmanship and focus on every detail are second to none. We will assist you with all your roofing needs with professional roofing contractors in Arlington Heights. We consistently provide on-time delivery of service and only use the most durable materials to make your roof last. From the planning stages to completing the project, Lion Roofing Corp will handle it all with a commitment to you and professionalism to the work. Let us make the right suggestions and follow through on your preferences. Our main goal is to produce outstanding results for you because we are the best roofing company in the industry. You can never go wrong with Lion Roofing Corp’s impeccable standards for roof inspection, roof maintenance, and roof replacement in Arlington Heights.

Lion Roofing Contractors – A Reliable Roofing Company Near Me in Arlington Heights – Our Mission

Lion Roofing Company’s mission is to make sure that we render the highest quality of roof repair, roof maintenance, and roof inspection services from our professional roofing contractors. We recognize each client’s roofing needs and ensure the perfect solution as well as fair and honest prices. Our roofing company aims to provide the most qualified and first-rate roofing workmanship. To establish longer-lasting relationships, striving for maximum satisfaction on all roofing projects that we accept. We always work with dedication and endeavor to be one of the best roofing companies in the area. We will explore and introduce new roofing products as they become available so our customers can be provided with the best possible roofing options. Our roofing company will establish and maintain good relationships with local manufacturers so that we can receive the best pricing for the materials that we will use for your roofing. Contact us today for your roofing needs!


Inspecting your roof once in a while is necessary for the health of your home. Our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights can inspect your roof so you can be aware of any problems with it. We can provide you with every detail to help you make an informed decision.

With a roof inspection, you may find that you require roof repair. Our expert roofing contractors in Arlington Heights can provide unparalleled roof repair to ensure that your roof is secure and does its job protecting your home from above.

If your roof is beyond repair, our roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights are specialists in roof replacement. We will make certain that your roof is in perfect condition and looks beautiful as a new roof should. Our roofing company in Arlington Heights offers a wide range of roof options and styles to fit your home perfectly.

Maintaining a roof can be a difficult task, which is why Lion Roofing Company offers an easy solution. We can make sure that your roof is in its best shape by having our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights remove debris and take your roof to its perfect condition.

How our roofing contractors work

An essential part of your roof replacement in Arlington Heights is the underlayment. This is the water barrier that protects your roof from water, wind, and ice.

You can trust Lion Roofing Company’s roofing contractors in Arlington Heights to skillfully install your shingles. They are individually nailed down one row at a time, covering your entire roof from the bottom to the top with layers that overlap each other allowing water to stream down without getting into your roof.

At the highest peak of the roof, where two sloping sides connect is called the ridge. Our roofing company in Arlington Heights installs a cap on the ridge to complete the look of your new roofing replacement.

Finally, the last step in the process is the removal of waste or debris from the roof and your property. Our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights will ensure that every nail is hammered in properly and that all the flashing is sealed completely with caulking so it can withstand any weather all year long.

Unparalleled service. Unrivaled quality. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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Experience and Competence

With 20 years of experience, our roofing company has paved the way for the modern roofing industry, specializing in all types of roofing materials for commercial and residential roof requirements.


Trusted, Licensed, and Certified

Our team is a group of well-known roofing contractors in Arlington Heights. You can put your trust in our incredible team of roofing experts who are fully licensed and certified to provide quality roofing.


Quality and Lasting Results

A quality roof is crucial for a home or business. That’s why our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights use only top-of-the-line materials that can endure the harsh elements brought by the Chicago weather. We will make your roof the perfect shield for your home.


We Are On-Time, All The Time.

We always keep our word in regard to timing and project completion. Our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights will finish as expected because you take priority for superb service delivery.


Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Our roofing company in Arlington Heights has you covered. We provide a 5-year warranty that is a special value-added service to everything you already receive from us.

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You Are at the Top of Our List

We put a premium on customer service. Your experience is the most important part of our drive and commitment. Our business culture revolves around making you happy with our work and with your customer experience.



Signs It’s Time For a Roof Replacement Arlington Heights, IL

Most homeowners wait for a roof failure before conducting a roof inspection; that’s why it costs them a lot. If you wait for a roof failure to happen, it could result in bigger problems down the road. Our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights have listed some warning signs to watch for if you need new roofing.

  • There are bald spot from missing granules
  • The shingles are cracked
  • Your roof is at least 20 years old
  • Your roof looks worn and old 
  • There are dark streak from airborne algae
  • Moss is growing on your roof surface
  • You can see a beam of light coming through the attic

If you need help with your re-roofing project in Arlington Heights, Lion Roofing Company has professional and experienced roofing contractors who can professionally give you advice regarding your roofing condition. We offer roof repair, roof replacement, and roof maintenance to keep your home protected.



Peace of mind that the roofing contractors in Arlington Heights you are using went through the licensing process with state regulatory boards, and for legal reasons, if the worst should happen. Most states require that roofing contractors carry a license.


Some roofing companies in Arlington Heights get an overload of work, and don’t want to turn it away for fear it might sway customer opinions, and hire subcontractors to handle the overflow. If that is the case, make sure the roofing company only uses properly licensed subcontractors.


If you are getting roofing work done, roofing contractors should, along with the materials to do the work, also supply a refuse bin for collecting the roofing trash that occurs during the roofing installation or roof repair process.


We want to protect you, protect your home, and make sure that whatever your roofing problem, it is taken care of correctly to prevent future issues. Ask your roofing company in Arlington Heights what their plan is in the event the weather becomes severe, and what safety protocols they have in place.

How To Choose Best Roofing Contractors Arlington Heights, IL

Your home is a place where you feel protected from harsh weather. Compromising your family by using poor quality roofing solutions can be costly and risky. That’s why hiring professional roofing contractors in Arlington Heights is important. Here are some things that you need to take note of when hiring a roofing company.

License Verification: Check if the roofing company is licensed and that it’s up to date. You can do this by contacting the license board.

Insurance Cover: Insurance should include roofing contractors’ compensation and liability coverage. Never hire uninsured contractors.

Ask for Roof Evaluation: Roofing companies should provide you with precise details of the overall project and possible cost. It should include the material quantity, price, and payments.

Sign the Contract: Once you found the right company for the job, it’s time to sign the contract. Make sure that you read and understand the agreement before signing. It should contain information about warranties, products to be used, roofing contractors, pricing, and safety information. At Lion Roofing Company in Arlington Heights, you can expect all this information.

LION Roofing Company Arlington Heights - Our Process


In Arlington Heights, we are one of the leading roofing companies and are well-known to provide professional solutions for all your roofing needs.


A thorough roof inspection is necessary for us to understand the condition of your shingles, the gutters, your chimney, and flashings. We will suggest some roof repair, replacement, or maintenance.


We will work hard to provide an excellent roof replacement or roof repair process for you and your family. We stand by our work and reputation as dependable roofing contractors.


We are the most reputable roofing company in Arlington Heights and provide a detailed estimate and timeline for our customers. We like to know that you are knowledgeable and informed before we begin.


Our roofing company has been built on years of outstanding service in the Arlington Heights area. We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our commitment to provide excellent customer service.

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair Arlington Heights, IL - Considerations

Age of Roof: The age and condition of your roof affect whether it is time for a roof repair or roof replacement in Arlington Heights. Our roofing contractors can perform a comprehensive inspection to determine the right treatment for your roofing.

Roof Leaks: Roofs are often repaired or replaced due to leakage issues. Any sight of water stain on your interiors indicates the start of a leak. Call your trusted roofing company in Arlington Heights immediately.

The Extent of Roof Damage: Roof damage can range from minor appearance issues to major physical damage. Lion Roofing Company can provide the solution you need within reasonable costs. Contact us now for rapid treatment of your roofing.

Geographical Area: Regions that suffer from extreme weather conditions can bring significant damage to your roofing. Contact your trusted roofing contractors from Arlington Heights following a hail storm, flooding, blizzard, etc. Call Lion Roofing Company promptly.


Roofs are mainly vented so high temperatures can be managed properly. With an exhaust vent in place, one can feel a significant difference in the overall indoor temperature, plus this can also cut down cooling expenses in the summertime.

One more reason why roofing companies are saying that roof vents are essential in households is that they help regulate the inside temperature when it jumps quickly from cold to hot and vice versa. When the temperature varies often, this can cause the roof to expand and contract, resulting in invisible damages that would become troublesome later on. By then, your home would need more than just a roof repair in Arlington Heights.

Whether you have a large or minimal space, it helps to have a roof vent regulate the temperature inside your property. In doing this, you are also reducing the risk of moisture build-up and condensation. Consult LION Roofing Company for your roofing needs!

How Lion Roofing Company in Arlington Heights can Help Prepare Your Roof for the Next Storm

Summer can bring unexpected and heavy storms that feature torrential rains, high winds, and even hail. All of these can be trouble for the unprepared home. Taking the necessary precautions starts with roofing maintenance in Arlington Heights, so your roof and your home can be prepared for the next big weather event during storm season.

Our roofing company in Arlington Heights has prepared a list of items that can help you get your roof ready for any storm. Speak with our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights for a roof inspection that will give you insight into your roof. Until then, here’s what you can do:

  • Check for Shingle Damage
  • Consider Roof Replacement
  • Inspect Your Attic
  • Clear Your Gutters
  • Address Any Wear and Tear
  • Think About Additional Waterproofing
  • Consult Experienced Roofing Contractors in Arlington Heights

How Long Does A Roof Replacement Arlington Heights, IL Take?

When it comes to determining the length of time, there is no one-size-that-fits-all. The answer will depend on several factors.  Lion Roofing Company Arlington Heights has listed some factors that determine the time of your roof replacement.

Home size: In the roofing industry, roofing contractors Arlington Heights price per square foot basis. The larger your home, the bigger your home, the longer it will replace your roof.

Existing roof material: Each material requires a different method of removing and replacing and a time frame. Metal or tile roofing is complex and intricate and requires a longer time to install.

Structural damage and complexity of roof: If there’s structural damage or other elements, additional repairs can prolong the project duration. The complexity will depend on the number of angels, hips, valleys, pitch, and facets.

Weather: If the roof replacement in Arlington Heights is done during rainy weather, additional steps are necessary and require extra time.

What Do You Need to Know About Roof Installation Arlington Heights, IL

Roof Installation Timeline: Regular Roof Installation in Arlington Heights usually lasts from 1 to 14 days, but some factors determine your installation timeline. Some of these factors are the size of the job, the type of materials being used, and the weather condition.

The Tear Off: When you have a roof replacement project, roofing contractors will go section by section, removing your old roofing materials. Lion Roofing Company Arlington Heights starts at the top of the ridgeline and works on the way down. During the tearing off, we only remove the part that will be replaced on the same day.

Problems Found During Roof Installation: Sometimes more problems arise when you start the process of roof installation. Some problems cannot be detected unless the tearing off begins. When we encounter problems during the roof installation in Arlington Heights, we discuss everything with our client before proceeding with the solution. That is why we ensure great communication from start to finish.

Chimneys, Skylights, and Roof Penetrations: During roof installation or roof replacement in Arlington Heights, it creates a new penetration and potential for leaks. Make sure you address each problem in your chimneys, skylights, stack lines, and other penetrations by flashing, caulking, and other treatment that it may need.

Metal Standing Seam Roof Revit Roofing Decoration within proportions 2592 X 1936 - Metal Roofing

Preparing for a New Roof Installation Arlington Heights, IL

Before your Lion Roofing Contractor Arlington Heights comes to do your roof installation here are ways to help:

Clear the Perimeter Around Your House
Removing and replacing a roof creates much debris.  Your Lion Roofing contractors will do their best to minimize debris on your property but they need room to place debris for removal.  Giving them access around your home helps with roofing installation.
Cover Items in Your Attic 
As careful as your Lion Roofing contractors will be in protecting the contents of your attic, it’s a dirty job and some dust and debris will sift through.  Please cover the things you are most concerned about protecting.
Prep Your Lawn for Clean-up
When the Lion Roofing contractors Arlington Heights has completed your roofing installation they will remove all debris and pick up stray nails.  Please closely mow your lawn before they come.

Value Of Roof Maintenance Arlington Heights, IL

Metal tile roof and metal chimney. Chimney on the roof of the house.

Aesthetics of Your House’s Preserved
Roof maintenance Arlington Heights is necessary since roofs can boost the property’s aesthetics and worth. It’s convenient for elevating your dwelling’s look rather than frequent roof replacement.

You can have additional savings.
A healthy roof saves you thousands of dollars in the long run. Roof inspections carried out at least twice yearly or after storms can spot problems before they worsen and incur additional costs.

Extended Service Life
Although roofs are designed to endure long, proper maintenance will extend their lifespan. Avoid costly roof replacement by cleaning gutters or contacting roofing contractors for twice-yearly inspections.

Fewer Roof Leaks
Leaks, when left unattended, have severe consequences – water entering homes and having mold and pest conducive environments. With this, approaching roofers near me in Arlington Heights for roof maintenance is essential.

Lion Roofing Company Arlington Heights is the best company to contact if you’re seeking dependable and respectable contractors. We meet your roofing needs!