Tips For Avoiding Storm—Chasing Repair Scam – Lion Roofing Company

If a bad storm has damaged your house and you are looking for some help to do a roof repair or roof replacement, Lion Roofing Company are the people to call. We are a local and trusted roofing company in the business of repairing roofs for many years. Having a house damaged in a storm can be extremely traumatizing, and in your state of panic, you could choose the wrong person to repair your roof. There are unscrupulous people called storm-chasers, who are con men and who prey upon owners of homes that storms have damaged. They are looking to make a quick buck. Here are some ideas to protect you from storm chasers.

Say no to a door-to-door salesperson: Somebody showing up on your doorstep offering to fix your roof is most definitely a storm chaser. If they try to make you sign a contract or ask you for money upfront, get rid of them immediately.

Check online for reviews: Looking online for a person is one way to tell you if this is a legitimate business or not. A legitimate company will have a solid online presence and would have online business reviews. If this information is missing, you can bet these are storm chasers.

Confirm proper insurance and licenses of roofing companies: Lion Roofing Company is licensed and insured as we should be, like all trusted roofing companies. If the person approaching you to repair your roof cannot show you a license or insurance, please don’t hire them.

Be present for inspections: Sometimes storm chasers can be sneaky and damage your roof during inspections so that they have a reason to fix it. You must keep an eye on the examination and the inspector.

With Lion Roofing Company, you can know that you are getting a reputable, trusted, hard-working company with professional and experienced contractors who know roofs. 

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