Prepare Your Roof For Winter with Lion Roofing Company

Keeping a roof over your head is vital, but it is essential that the roof is working to its full potential, keeping your family safe and dry. The only way to spot problems is to get a good roof inspection before Winter. Lion Roofing Company will advise you of possible troubles and how you can avoid them by repairing or replacing your shingles and gutters in a timely fashion.


Roofs need consistent roof maintenance. At least twice a year, removing dead leaves and branches from the roof surface, as well as cleaning out the gutters and around the chimney, will extend the life of your roof. Lion Roofing Company offers a comprehensive roof inspection of all the roof surfaces so that you will not be dealing with a larger problem down the road.


Trees adjacent to your home can allow large amounts of heavy snow, or even large limbs to end up on your roof, so cutting overhanging branches in the fall is crucial. Falling branches can tear the underlay and create moisture build-up under your shingles and, in your attic, severely undermine the strength and stability of your roof.


Wind can lift and crack the shingles and loosen the sealant and nails, causing a failed roof. Lion Roofing Company looks closely at all these possibilities and can advise you on what could be the best course of action. If you have black streaks on your shingles, this indicates that algae are growing and eating away at the limestone in the shingles. With a roof maintenance this can be treated and will no longer cause unsightly shingles Lion Roofing Company is the areas’ most trusted roofing company offering honest evaluations and excellent service for all things to do with roofing. 

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